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BESS and Amendments to the Planning Act 2008!

The long awaited British Energy Security Strategy policy paper has now been published by UK Gov. Lots included here but significantly for #DCO consenting are proposals for amendments to the #Planning Act 2008 which would allow for the relevant Secretary of State to set shorter examination timescales for offshore wind projects as a #fasttrack consenting route for 'priority cases', and where quality standards are met. Inevitably the devil will be in the detail but the next question surely is what makes a 'priority case' and what 'quality standards' will allow for the trigger of a shorter examination timescale?

Further interesting content in the BESS includes proposals for setting a 'whole network' blueprint by the end of 2022 in the Holistic Network Design (#HND) and Centralised Strategic Network Plan (#CSNP). The HND will identify strategic infrastructure needed to deliver offshore wind by 2030, with amendments to National Policy Statements to reflect this blueprint.

What is certain is that we are set for exciting times on #consenting #infrastructure. #PA2008 #NPS

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